Work Related Injuries

My firm represents workers, and their families, who have been injured or killed, on the job.  Most work site injuries are preventable.  Sometimes, a negligent third-party is responsible for the injury.  My clients have included police officers; fire fighters; carpenters; electrical workers; plumbers; laborers; and cable splicers.  My most difficult case involved a cable splicer who was severely shocked and burned by high voltage electricity, while working at a job site as a subcontractor.  In that case, although an OSHA investigation was performed and no violations were found, thorough investigation by my firm and depositions of key witnesses, determined that there were numerous safety violations, leading to an eventual settlement, at trial, in Federal Court, in Boston.

Although my firm does not handle Workmen’s Compensation as such, my firm does affiliate with a major worker’s compensation firm, in Boston.  One of the partners of the firm, will meet the client, in my Braintree office, for the convenience of the client.