Dramshop Liability

Dramshop liability law (liquor liability) deals specifically with the negligent service of alcohol to minors, and obviously intoxicated individuals, and/or minors, by bars; liquor stores; clubs; employers; and social hosts.  I represent those individuals or their families injured or killed by the negligent service of alcohol.  These are difficult cases that require experience.  Given the confusing state of the law and the tricky rules of evidence, it is essential that a lawyer experienced in this area of the law, handle these types of cases.  I have handled and settled, many of these cases for the past 25 years.  At trial, I have obtained one of the largest jury verdicts in Massachusetts in a case against a bar, for negligent service of alcohol causing the wrongful death of a 19 year old.  I have also lectured on dramshop liability law in Massachusetts, Washington D.C., New York and New Jersey.