Crime Victims

My firm represents crime victims in civil actions for money damages.  When a person is injured or killed, or sexually assaulted, due to negligent security; negligent service of alcohol; and/or negligent supervision and training of employees, I represent those individuals in their civil claim for money damages.  This representation includes those individuals who are victims of assault and battery; sexual abuse or rape.  Those entities, legally responsible, may be a public facility, such as an apartment complex; recreational organization; college or university; private business; day care facility; or religious organization.  My firm will perform an investigation to determine if it is feasible to go forward on a claim.  My firm handles these cases in a sensitive and confidential manner.  We try to create a stress-free environment, for our clients, as much as we possibly can.  My most significant, successful case, involved representing the family of a homicide victim, in a negligent security claim, against a public entity. I have handled successfuly numerous sexual assault cases.